Basin Elementary School

Basin Elementary School

30 N. Quartz

P.O. Box 128

Basin, MT 59631

February News


Parents and Community,

February is quickly becoming a full month!

The week of February 3-7th is para appreciation week! We are going to do some little things to celebrate out fabulous para, Mrs. Makowski. 

Wednesday, February 5th 100th day celebration in Miss Listoe’s class.

Friday, February 7th is our next ski day. 

Tuesday, February 11th Miss Listoe will be gone at a training.

Thursday, February 13th Nurse Pam is coming to do dental screenings.

Friday, February 14th Mr. Bowman will be here.                                   We will have our school spelling bee for our 4-6th graders at 11:00.     We will be having our school Valentines Day Party at 2:00. We now have 22 students. If you would like to send valentines cards or treats, you must send one for all students. 

Monday, February 17th we have NO SCHOOL. Happy Presidents Day!

Thursday, February 20th we will have the traveling art mobile visiting. 

Friday, February 21st Miss Listoe is tentatively trying to schedule going to see the Butte Symphony.

Friday, February 28th will be a noon dismissal, and parent teacher conferences will take place in the afternoon. 


Thanks for all you continue to do for our school,


Miss Listoe












2019-2020 School Supply List for all students K-6

Below I have attached the requested supplies list, you will notice we are asking for a bit more than usual, we had an abundance of supplies over the years and that has started to decrease. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to reach out. Thanks so much,

Miss Listoe and Mr. Luke

K-3 Supplies

  • pack of expo markers
  • Pack of pencils
  • Pack of markers
  • Pack of colored pencils
  • 4 folders
  • 2 notebooks
  • Pack of pencils
  • Pack of markers
  • Water Bottle
  • Backpack



4-6 Supplies

3 – packs of lined (loose leaf) paper (wide ruled)

2 – glue sticks

3 – highlighters

1 – pkg sticky notes

1 – box washable markers

8 – composition notebooks (no spirals)

1 – pack dry erase markers

1 – pack 12 colored pencils

20 – #2 pencils

3 – large erasers

1 – pack of 100 lined notecards/Index cards

5 – 3 ring folders (different colors)

2 – pencil pouches with zipper for 3 ring binder

2 – fine point black sharpies

1- water bottle

1- backpack


Our Mission Statement

Here at Basin Elementary School we are in a unique position to maximize each individual child’s inherent potential due to a multitude of factors which include the structure of each classroom, small student to teacher ratio, community involvement, and strong parent teacher interaction. We truly believe that every student should feel valued and honored , and are taught that all people deserve to be afforded the same respect. We strive for an atmosphere of cooperation with respect for individual differences and community values and an awareness of our place in the larger world.  

Basin Elementary School is committed to providing a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through developing appropriate instruction. We work with every student to develop a growth mindset by encouraging goal setting and that dedication and hard work lead to great accomplishments. The environment also offers flexibility in the classroom. Our school promotes, and models a safe, orderly, caring, cooperative and supportive environment. We strive to offer the educational tools that encourage a rich academic and social learning experience.                                  

We believe that each child is an individual, that all children are creative, and that all children can, and need to succeed. Basin Elementary School recognizes that each of us has a unique style and pace of learning. An integral part of our learning process will have our students learning by asking questions, solving problems, and making thoughtful decisions. We encourage students to take a personal interest in their learning. Basin Elementary School is preparing each child for advancement into middle and high school by ensuring they have a solid foundation. 


Why Basin Elementary School?



Keeping up with the latest and greatest trends in education, Basin Elementary School incorporates flexible seating, standards based grading, project based learning, small student to teacher ratio, a family-like setting, a Gifted and Talented program, Title I program, a wide array of technology for students, and much more. For the 2019-2020 school year, Basin Elementary School will be continuing to offer the lunch program with food from the award winning kitchen at Boulder Elementary. We will also be continuing morning tutoring and after school program thanks to our 21st Century Grant. 

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