COVID-19 School Closure Resources

Parents, Students, Basin Community


During this time, I wanted to create one place where everyone could come to find resources. I know that this time can be stressful for everyone, I just want to do my best to relieve as much of this stress as possible. I strive to serve my students, their parents, and this community to the best of my ability. I hope some of what I have to offer is helpful. 

As most of you know, we have sent out packets to each student. The work in this packet is to continue the learning they had been working on in school, and to reinforce some skills they already know. We want to stress that we hope this work does not cause stress for students or parents. We really want to do our due diligence and make sure we are doing what we need to to remain in compliance with the guidelines of this mandated closure, as well as do what is best for our students. We have sent this work with the intention it returns completed. However, we know that most of our parents are not trained educators, and therefore, have provided parents with our personal phone numbers to reach us at any time a student need help or guidance with their work. Also, we are available through email.


Miss Listoe:

Mr. Luke:


We opted not to do online distance learning as we know that not all of our students have access to a device or the internet. However, so many educational companies are opening their online resources for free to all students, parents, and educators. I will make the resources I know of available here so you can utilize them if you would like to have more for your students to do. 


I am also receiving some great resources from our school nurse and psychologist that I would like you all to be able to access if you’d like.


If there are other resources you know of, please let me know. Also, if you have questions about something and would like help looking for a resource to help you, reach out.


Mostly, I want to stress how available I am for you all to reach out with any questions that I may be able to help with.


Miss Listoe

These two resources are from Montana PBS- they have changed their regular television planning to provide some educational resources to kids at home.


Learn at home





Mystery Science


This is a resource students are familiar with 

and is used in Basin Classrooms.


i.ready math

This is the built in online component to Basin School’s math curriculum.

Students should be very familiar with this. It is something they work on regularly.

This lets them do math lessons at their own levels.



I have had a parent using this with their students during this time. 

She says it’s a good resource.



an app on a tablet- or available online- books for kids to read and that will read to them-

all of our students have logins- let me know if you need me to get them to you


Prodigy- a math gaming platform students are familiar with


e-spark- reading and math lessons and games for students


*Never forget the value of just reading a good book – enter code USATWINKLHELPS – this has work for almost all levels and subject

This was shared to me by a parent and our para here at school. Also, never forget how great getting outside can be for our kids.

















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PK- 5th grade

Worksheets, Activities, Songs and Videos 

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